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The Best 10 Aftermarket Single Din Head Units That You Can Buy April 13, 2016

The automobile industry is one of the most competitive industries today. The customer acquisition cost in this sector is sky high. Companies are spending billions of dollars each year to sell their cars. Because of this overhead expense, profit margins of these companies have plummeted. To gain a few extra dollars per sale, car manufacturers install cheap quality single DIN head units in most of their budget cars. These cheap head units come with basic volume and equalization controls which are not bad, but not great either. If you wish to have the best quality music experience in your car, you should consider ditching factory installed head unit and upgrading to an aftermarket product.
By upgrading to a fully featured head unit, you will make car rides for you and your friends a much more enjoyable experience. Also, some expensive models come with built-in Wi-Fi, so you can easily pair up your phone with the head unit without using an aux cable.
In this post, I will tell you about the best 10 aftermarket single din head units that you can buy.
1. Kenwood KDC-HD455U – Kenwood KDC-HD455U is a single DIN head unit that will fit perfectly in all the cars. It is one of the highest rated products and because of that it is quite expensive. In terms of features it has got USB and CD receiver and it can natively play MP3 music.
2. Pioneer DEH-X9500BHS – The second contender in this list is another top selling product called Pioneer DEH-X9500BHS. It is quite expensive but the price is justified by premium looks and features. It is rated 4.9/5 by users.
3. Kenwood KMR-M312BT – Kenwood KMR-M312BT is an average price head unit that comes with built-in Bluetooth. Because of Bluetooth you can wirelessly take phone calls while driving.
4. Pioneer DEH-150 – Pioneer DEH-150 is another top selling item in this category. It is a decently priced head unit for cars that comes with built-in MP3 playback capability.
5. Kenwood KMR-D358 – Kenwood KMR-D358 is a high priced single din head unit which comes with state of the art features. If you want to head unit that has just about everything, you buy this product. It comes with front usb and aux in ports.
6. Dual AMB600W – Dual AMB600W is a marine single din head unit that comes with features like Bluetooth, mp3 and cd receiver. It also has a weatherband tuner that will let you enjoy crisp music even in stormy weather conditions.
7. Boss BV9973 – Boss BV9973 is a product that people who still listen to am and fm transmissions should buy.
8. Kenwood KDC-BT362U – This in dash car single din head unit is a budget friendly device that comes with state of the art features. These features are generally observed in higher priced units.
9. Clarion M109 – This product in the only product in this category that accepts wma input in additions to Bluetooth and mp3.
10. Sony DSXM50BT – If you are looking for a wireless car stereo receiver that uses Bluetooth standard, then you should have a glance at this product from Sony.

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