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How to Sell Homemade Woodworking Projects? December 26, 2016

To sell your woodworking projects or the essential tools to create a woodworking project, the primary thing to make a sale is to present them in front of familiar people. Promote yourself as a professional which is of utmost important as selling your products.

Nowadays, craft fairs, as well as online sales, are the most common ways; to begin with, your trading. You need to follow few steps to become a successful trader and earn a lot.

According to the research, the craft fair is quite a good option for people over there can feel your products as well as ask your questions regarding woodworking. Hence, the way of communication becomes easy, and chances of selling also increase simultaneously.

Here is a guide for you to know how to sell homemade woodworking projects quickly in both the ways, have a look.

What are things you will need to consider before selling?

  • Product
  • Contact information
  • Photos
  • Demonstration material
  • Display set-up

How to Sell Homemade Woodworking Projects?

As we know, you can sell your homemade woodworking projects as well as tools in two ways such as-

Craft Fairs

  1. A wide range of products should be presented in front of the public so that they can easily access and explore your products. Give enough space to your customers to browse the products.
  2. The presentation is an important part while you are thinking of selling your homemade products at a craft fair. Display some of your most eye-catching products to attract more people. You can add color to represent the function of your tools and accessories. For instance, if you have made a wooden table, homemade wood planer, place a flower vase with some colorful flowers in it or keep a wooden bowl full of delicious fruits, etc.
  3. Mark the price of each item so that they are visible clearly. Don’t make products unnecessarily expensive.
  4. Try to explain the products more to the people so that they can have a brief idea about the functions. You can make a good sample book of photographs which you can keep as a catalog as well.
  5. Keep a contact card which will help your customers to locate your shop and communicate with your quickly.

Online Trading

  1. Upload the images of the products which are worth presenting in front of the public. Take some excellent quality pictures. Take the pictures from every possible angle to let your customer view them properly.
  2. Write quality descriptions about the products. Write in detail about the functions, construction, benefits, dimensions regarding the product. You can also include care recommendations, price, etc. if you want to add them on your site.
  3. Create a maker area where you can include a brief detail about yourself like- what made your take woodworking? Why is woodworking beneficial? How to decorate your house with woodworking?
  4. Put a contact menu where you can add your contact number, email id and address so that the customer can easily communicate with you. You can also add a query form to let your buyers ask their questions to you.
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