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5 Things Every BBQ Nerd Should Know June 8, 2016

A lot of people call them BBQ lovers but confine their knowledge to just petty and ordinary things like a gas grill, a Pit, or recipes available on the net. To hold a better grip over the thing you think you love just dig a bit deeper and read the following things as carefully as you can.

The more you get into the details the more you start admiring the simple acts of lighting, the emerging flame or grilling. This helps you in cherishing the moments even better. All you need to know to be a BBQ nerd when you enter into any of the competition.


This helps you in cherishing the moments even better. All you need to know to be a BBQ nerd when you enter into any of the competition.

1.”Barbecue” is a noun

A lot of times its considered as a verb though it’s a noun. This is because of the Southern definition of barbecue that refers it to as the end product of slow cooking especially chunks of slow meat over some natural charcoal fire. Simply we don’t barbecue but we eat it. Its neither the machine you have it nor the party you throw buts its the outcome of these what you eat.

2. 225∞F – 250∞F Temperature

A person who is into hardcore barbecuing would surely know that this refers to the lowest temperature. It’s basically the lowest one but still a lot of BBQ restaurants cook at high levels. Thermometers are said to feel happy at this temperature.

3. The game of comparison between briquettes vs. lump charcoal

In this era of backyard grilling a lot of people sacrifice on natural flavor and go for easy briquettes which are made after compression of components like charred sawdust, wood scraps or fillers like sodium nitrate, borax, and limestone. They are preferred because they are cheap, accessible and burns evenly.

Though people who claim to be BBQ lovers ignore using briquettes and preach the use of lump charcoal. It’s natural and a bit costly, lights easily and is cleaner than artificial substitutes.

4. Lighting charcoal sans lighter fluid

Normally you can use one chimney starter, few sheets of newspaper to put charcoal on fire. But here is a quick alternative where you just need only 45 seconds along with a propane-fired weed torch to ignite it. This should be the first and the last time where you are using gas in barbecue. If you’re aren’t a fan of using gas, I’d recommend buying a pellet smoker. That might suite your taste better.

5. Vocabulary of BBQ

BBQ glossary is all so interesting and entrails a lover and a learner. This actually creates a fine line between people who host BBQ party and those who just dress up and visit to gorge. It feels satisfactory to the BBQ lovers when they deliver nice speeches including some jargons and know them all by heart.

Also when the person grilling meat knows the reason for all phenomenonís taking place be it meat developing the pink shade or the figs getting darker then they are called actual BBQ nerds.

Apart from having good knowledge of words associated to BBQ, reasons of petty things itís also important that you know which places to go and what quality of raw material to rely on.

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