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5 Factors to keep in mind when getting a stand mixer January 31, 2017

Stand Mixers are the best man-made invention which can make the whole process of kneading, beating and whisking easier and quicker.

The best part is that there are so many models and brands of Stand Mixers to choose from, everyone is bound to find one which suits their needs and tastes.

But make sure that you know why you are buying this particular stand mixer and ensure that it is not just an impulse buy.

Here are the 5 things you should keep in mind when getting a Stand Mixer:

List down your cooking needs

The first step is to decide why you need a Stand Mixer. Determine if you would need a stand mixer which can produce a large output at a time or if a normal output giving Stand Mixer will work for you. You can only decide this when you are sure about how you are planning to use your Stand Mixer.

If you are going to regularly use it bake cakes or knead dough for large number of people, then you would need a Stand Mixer which can provide you with these functionalities. But if you are buying a Stand Mixer for occasional usage, then probably you can stick with a simpler version.

Set a budget for yourself

Once you know how you will use the stand mixer, you will know all the features and functions you want in your Stand Mixer. Once you have decided on the features, time to set a budget for yourself. Stand Mixers come in varying ranges and you can find pretty costly Stand Mixers out there too, so it would be better if you decide how much you are willing to spend and then search a Stand Mixer in that range for yourself.

Weight and Size of the Stand Mixer

Another thing to keep in mind while buying a Stand Mixer is how much space do you have in your kitchen to spare and if you have a proper storage closet to keep your Stand Mixer or not. If you lack in the space department, then you would need to store your Stand Mixer somewhere and need to select one which isn’t huge in size.

Now, if you would need to store your Stand Mixer after every use, then you need to make sure that your Stand Mixer is lightweight and easy to move. Storage and Space matter a lot when buying a Stand Mixer.

Types of Speed Settings available

One of the important factors to look at while buying a Stand Mixer is how many speed settings it has and whether these are all that you would require. Choose a Stand Mixer according to the food you are going to mix and according to the setting it would require to mix them. If you are an avid baker and can’t whisk with your Stand Mixer speed setting, then it isn’t really useful to you now, is it?

Attachments and Accessories Available

Last but not the least, check what all attachments and accessories the Stand Mixer comes with and how costly and easily will the extra attachments be available. Attachments are the soul of any Stand Mixer and if you can’t find cheap accessories for your Stand Mixer, then you would certainly have a problem in the future.

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